$25 takes a Foster Child Fishing "Rods not Remotes"

"A Reel Future" is all about our Future

Taking Foster Children Fishing


Meet my new buddie Kevin, the day I met him he had just found out he will never see his family again, he was devastated  Catching his 1st Fish of his life really put a smile on his face & got him excited to keep living life.  Kevin is now getting adopted & will soon have a family.

Learning about our Environment


On any given day there are over 443,000 in Foster Care in the United States & numbers are growing everyday.  In 2019 more than 690,000 Children spent time in Foster Care "who is teaching them about our Environment?" 

Learning Conservation

When a Child catches their 1st Fish it is a good memory they will never forget.  We replace sadness

Our future Generations must be taught to care about our Planet, Species & the Outdoors or it will be lost.  We are teaching Children to Respect, Conserve & Improve our Planet on both Land & Sea

Self Esteem & Confidence


One of the most exciting ways for Kids to learn Self Esteem is to catch fish.  They learn patience, team work, how to bait your own hook, and help others around them to fish. "Team Work & Confidence"

Outreach Programs


Year Round I am heading out to Schools, Tackle Shops, Bass Pro & Tournament to teach our future about the Outdoors, Conservation & Fishing.  Great American Teach In, Fishing Clubs, Kids Clubs & Schools

Lil Anglers & Fishing Clubs


Join us April - September 2020 at the Spectrum Stadium on Home Games Thursday Nights for Lil Anglers Club.  We will be doing all types of fun, fishing & outdoor activities during the game.  Coming soon is the Clearwater High Fishing Club 2020